Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's NEO?

The NEO for Iwata is our newest entry into the Iwata airbrush line. We've designed the NEO specifically for the new airbrush user and feature both gravity-feed and siphon-feed models.

The gravity-feed NEO CN comes with 2 removable gravity feed cups (B and C sizes) for more versatility. The siphon-feed NEO BCN includes an Iwata Big Mouth bottle to ensure the user experience is fast and easy. Both are easy to use and maintain, and are a terrific value for the price! Even though NEO is made in Taiwan and assembled in China, they are still backed with our Iwata 5- Year Warranty.

For years Iwata has frequently been an airbrush user's second purchase. Today with NEO, we hope that new artists will be able to start their airbrush experience with an Iwata!

For more information on Iwata-Medea products please visit, www.iwata-medea.com.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Updated Fresh, Still Radically Original - Artool

Check out the upgraded and fresh Artool Products website at www.artoolproducts.com

Great work by the good folks at Zookeeper! Thanks for your help!